Educational Tourism on Screen (ETOS)

Septina Dwi Rahmawati


Community participation in maintaining natural resources, culture, independence and intelligence in the utilization of technology will contribute great as a tourist attraction. Educational Tourism on Screen (ETOS) requires smart people to communicate and apply technology to support development, especially in tourism. Counseling about the importance of technology related to the improvement of education for people in tourist areas to be one that gets special attention. In addition the team of extension organizers also needs to upgrade its ability in the field of tourism and technology in order to promote certain areas of tourism. ETOS concept will lead to the application of education and the introduction of tourism through the computer screen or smartphone only with a scan on the writings or audio related tourism term in question and then on the screen will appear detail explanation of the term you want to search. Technology becomes an important tool in this application. It needs a lot of refinement and support so ETOS ideas can come true.

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