Online Media Analysis in Tourism Reporting: Policy Study of Detik Travel Redaction And Tribunnews Travel

Farid Rusdi


Media editors that focused on tourism news have different routines than editors of political, legal, economic, or news event have. This study aims to analyse the role of online mass media, specifically one, which focused on tourism news (travel) in preparing its redaction policy. This research utilizes the pattern of information search by tourists from Pan, editorial policy, and web traffic optimization. Online media that acted as the object of this research is Detik Travel and Tribunnews Travel. The research approach used is qualitative descriptive by interview with executing editor from both media. This study reveals the editorial of both online media think through the needs of end-users in presenting the content. To find out the users’ needs, editors conduct a research on Google Trend, and social media. In addition, the two editors of the online media involve them, the tourists, in contribute to the content and become a community of travellers on the media, so that the editor can acquire the latest information and surely needed by tourism information enthusiasts.

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