Marketing Communication Tourism Purbalingga District (Study of Communication Analysis of Digital-Based Tourism)


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(1) * Muhammad Sulthan   (Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, Purwokerto)  
(*) Corresponding Author


The number of tourism objects in Purbalingga that are worth to be known and to be visited by all of us. Therefore, the tourism objects are very necessary to be informed to attract as much as possible potential tourists. Spreading information of tourism objects for tourist can happen in various ways, one of them that now very popular is the usage of internet/digital media. Because it can reach audience more widely. Methodology of this research is descriptive qualitative. Determination of informants are using purposive sampling, which is representative. There are two types of data source: which are primary data source and secondary data. The techniques of collecting data are in-depth interviews, observation, and documentation. The way of analyzing data are reduction, data presentation and integrated conclusion drawing. The results showed that the communication of tourism objects by using digital-based are very effective and efficient. Social media is also very helpful in disseminating tourist information in Purbalingga, and also Purbalingga tourism community that is intensively promoting Purbalingga tourism objects. Theoretically, Purbalingga tourism marketing strategy based on digital communication that is used is Kotler and Keller's theory. The elements are advertisement; sales promotion, events and experiences, public relations and publicity, direct marketing, interactive marketing, word of mouth marketing, sales personnel. Those elements of communication are supported by the internet.


Komunikasi Pemasaran, Pariwisata, Digital

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