Prediksi Hambatan Kapal Ferry Ro-Ro 750 GT Berbasis Pengujian Hidrodinamika


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(1) * Ahmad Syafiul Mujahid   (Balai Teknologi Hidrodinamika, BPPT)  
(*) Corresponding Author


The Ferry Ro-Ro Ship is a vessel with a function as an inter-island bridge that transports vehicles, passengers and goods. An important factor in designing the ship is the vessel resistance factor that affects the speed and determination of the power of the ship's engine, so it is necessary to do a resistance test on the Ferry Ro-Ro 750 GT  Ship Model. The dragged away incident of the Ferry Ro-Ro due to large waves and ocean currents have occurred in Indonesia in recent years because the power of the ship's engine was unable to move the ship going at the desired speed. The focus of the study was to conduct a prediction of resistance and effective power on a Ferry Ro-Ro 750 GT  vessel with a scale of 1: 21.19 at variations in speeds of 9 to 14 knots (actual scale), as well as variations in load lines (draft) 2.9 m and 3.1 m. The resistance test is carried out in the towing tank of the Indonesian Hydrodynamic Laboratory located at the Laboratory of Hydrodynamic Technology - BPPT Surabaya in accordance with the Standard Operational Procedure for resistance testing and the ITTC (International Towing Tank Conference) standard. The results per length of the vessel's waterline indicate that at the draft 2.9 m, to achieve an operational speed of 12 knots, the vessel with a resistance of 1.62 kN/m requires an effective power of 10.04 kW/m. Whereas in the draft 3.1 m condition to reach 12 knots, the ship with a resistance of 1.78 kN/m requires effective power of 11 kW/m.


Resistance Test; Ferry Ro-Ro; Hydrodynamics

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