What information do people want to know about hijamah?

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Cupping is classified in complementary medicine treatment.
Cupping therapy does not have significant side effects, only minimal
discomfort due to slight intervention on the patient's skin when compared with
medical treatments that use chemicals. A midwives as health a worker
has authority to perform cupping by meeting the applicable requirements.
The purpouse of the reseaech is to explore community knowledge about
cupping and identify the scope of information which is eiger to find out
by community about cupping.
This research uses qualitative method
with phenomenological approach. The subjects of the research is the people
who have and have not cupping. Data collection was carried out through
detail interviews using interview guidance. The research was conducted
from May-June 2017 at PKM Tarumajaya, Clinic and RB Umi Rahma and
Bekasi District Hospital. Sample is done by purposive sampling.
The number of participants who get involved is 17 participants.

Discussions in this study research include community knowledge,
false views about cupping, cupping skepticism, and information which is
eager to find out about cupping. These include the history of cupping,
the edge of doing cupping, time for doing cupping, the point location of cupping,
cupping indication, cupping contraindications, the equipment of cupping,
the way of doing cupping, the procedure of cupping, the position of doing
cupping, the weakness of cupping, the effects of cupping, the evaluation
of cupping, the protection of cupping, the implemtentation of cupping,
the security of cupping, formal implementation of cupping, cupping during
fasting, Cupping versus medical treatment, cupping versus traditional
The lack of public knowledge about cupping tends to lead to
the stigmatization of cupping. It is advised to the government to make
special rules of cupping and for service providers cupping in order to
better promote cupping as a safe alternative treatment to the community.


Knowledge; information; cupping

DOI: 10.21070/mid.v3i1.1505

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