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(1) * Andrian Wira Syah Putra   (Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM Program Studi Penyuluhan dan Komunikasi Pembangunan)  
(2)  Sunarru Samsi Hariadi   (Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM Program Studi Penyuluhan dan Komunikasi Pembangunan)  
(3)  Harsoyo Harsoyo   (Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM Program Studi Penyuluhan dan Komunikasi Pembangunan,)  
(*) Corresponding Author


The purpose of this research was to determine (1) the influence of extension worker, (2) the influence of local wisdom, also (3) to determine whether there was the influences of social and economic factors in innovation adoption of rice farming and (4) whether there was the activity synergies of extension worker and local wisdom towards innovation adoption of rice farming in Montasik sub-district. The basic method used in this research was the analytical descriptive with the quantitative approach which was suported by its qualitative side. The chosen location of the research was done on purpose that was the sub-district of Montasik (WKPP Piyeung I and WKPP Bukit Baro I) the regency of Aceh Besar. The sampling of respondents method was the simple random sampling with the number of respondents was 120 farmers from 1057 population. The techniques of data analysis used in this research were: 1) the technique of scoring (Likert scale), 2) the validity test used was the Pearson correlation, 3) the reliability test used with Cronbach Alpha method, 4) the normality test was the PP plot model, 5) the test of hypotheses, for the first, the second and the third hypothesis was using the multiple linear regression and the correlation, for the fourth hypothesis was using the qualitative approach. From the analysis results of multiple linear regression test which was using the Backward (model 5) in the first, the second and the third hypothesis indicated that all of the seven variables tested, three of them were instructor role variables, motivation and attitude had the positive and significant impact on innovation adoption of rice farming. With the sig value from the instructor role variables was 0.000 < 0.10, the sig value of the motivation was 0.097 < 0.10, and the sig value of the attitude was 0.004 < 0.10. For the fourth hypothesis showed the synergies between the counseling activities with the indigenous local wisdom approach towards the innovation adoption of rice farming where the extension worker and the community leaders could work together as well in the organizing of the rice planting schedule and in the process of environmental preservation in the Montasik sub-district.


Peran Penyuluh; Kearifan lokal; Adopsi Inovasi; The Extension Worker; The Local Wisdom; The Innovation Adoption

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