Mukhamad Arianto, Nur Mahmudah


Numerous company win market competition by using the available chance and try to use the appropriate strategy to create and keep the customer loyalty. Jatiroso catering service in Jl Semeru Juanda, Sidoarjo has developed to fulfill the need of consumers such as affordable price, selected product, cleanliness, and quality service. As stated by Suarthana (2006:23) Catering Service can be defined as “commercial business which provide food and drink service for public in its place”.

The data were collected using questionnaire filed by the consumers of Jatiroso Catering Service. Sampling which supposed to be able to provide the characteristic of the population is done by choosing 80 people. The sample was done by nonprobability sampling which was determined by purposive sampling, which is sampling technique done for certain purpose which in the research was analysed by Partial Least Square (PLS).

The result of the research shows that the quality product contributes in the customers’ satisfaction of Jatiroso Catering Service and the quality servise contributes to the satisfaction of Jatiroso Catering Service.


Quality Product; Quality Service; Consumer Satisfaction; kualitas produk; kualitas pelayanan; kepuasan konsumen

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